More information on my Vegetarian Husband

I’m thinking I need to share a little more background information before I get into answering the many questions I have gotten over the years about being married to a vegetarian when I’m not one.  First my husband has been vegetarian for over 17 years.  During this time we have had many versions of what he would eat vs what he would not eat.  For a while he was total Vegan, no animal products at all including butter, milk and eggs.  He still eats these sparingly but does eat them.  One year he went without eating sugar all year.  He almost didn’t survive that year, because I wanted to kill him on several occasions. 🙂  About 5 years ago he started eating some fish including salmon, halibut and tilapia.  You may have figured out now that he is vegetarian for health reasons first and foremost.

With that said we both are firm supporters for animal organizations.  I volunteer at the Denver Zoo and we have for many years supported the Wild Animal Sanctuary and the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center both here in CO.  We also support several other animal organizations.  We enjoy learning about all kinds of animals and have visited zoos and aquariums all over the world.

In my next blog I will answer the question…”How do you cook for the 2 of you?”


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