Typical Weekly Dinner Menu

The questions I get asked the most are “What do you cook?”  and “Isn’t it hard to cook when one of you is vegetarian and one is a meat eater?”  So for this blog I though I would share our typical weekly Dinner menu.

  • Monday – Salmon/Steak or Chicken and roasted potatoes or asparagus or some other veggie side
  • Tuesday – Spaghetti (noodles and tomato sauce)
  • Wednesday – Veggie Burgers and Hamburgers w/Fries
  • Thursday – Fish and Chips (or Onion Rings)
  • Friday – We eat out at Red Robin
  • Saturday – Either Eat out or if there is a sporting event we want to watch we cook or get a pizza
  • Sunday – Eat out Chinese Food

When we eat at home my husband makes a salad to go with dinner (and lunch).  Or as we say in the south supper ( and dinner).  Over the next few blog entries I’ll share how I cook these items and name brands of the items we use.  We do make use of the grill even in very cold temperatures.  Fortunately the grill is located right out side the sliding glass doors in our Kitchen 🙂  As I get better at using the blogging format I will share photos and videos with you as well.

Please let me know of any questions you would like me to answer.

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