Veggie Husband’s Grocery List

So when I returned home from NC last night I found my hubby’s grocery list on the counter.  He left for a training in San Diego a few hours before I got home.  I will say he did use his best handwriting and I can actually read the list, which is not always the case, since he is left handed and has trouble reading his own handwriting 🙂

So on Sunday I will head over to Whole Foods and buy the following items for him:

  • Norwegian Salmon 4oz
  • Frozen Green Bean Organic
  • 3 Heads Red Butter Lettuce Organic
  • Mens Health Bread (in Frozen Section)
  • Broccoli Organic
  • Bell Peppers Organic
  • Green Onions/Leek Organic
  • 4 Roma Tomatoes Organic
  • 2 Bags Tings
  • Pecan Nutthins by Blue Diamond in the Cookie Aisle

Now, I’m not sure how much Broccoli to get or if I should buy Green or Red Bell Peppers, so I will have to guess on that.  Somehow this doesn’t seem like enough food, but I guess it will be enough for him to have salads for lunch and dinner.  And to make the homemade vegetable soup he usually eats for lunch.

Should be a much quicker trip to the grocery store without him.  It takes him forever to pick up the stuff he wants!


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