Where do we shop for groceries?

Every weekend we head over to Boulder to buy groceries.  It is only about 10 miles from our house so it a fairly short drive.  This weekend it has snowed off and on since Thursday night, so there were a few slick spots along the way.

Jamba Juice in Boulder

First in order to buy groceries we have to stop at Jamba Juice and get a smoothie.  I’m not really sure why but we do it every week, so it is a must.  Veggie husband likes to order a Protein Berry Workout with soy and no ice.  He is nice enough to have part of it put in a small cup for me!  Once we get our smoothie we head to Sunflower.


This is a fairly new natural grocery store in Colorado.  I believe the previous owners of Wild Oats started this chain when they Whole Foods bought out Wild Oats.  We started shopping at Sunflower because the organic veggies they carry are often much cheaper than Whole Foods.  Sunflower does not have all the items as Whole Foods.

Whole Foods

Once we get what we need at Sunflower we head to Target.  We usually don’t buy too many groceries there, but it is between Sunflower and Whole Foods, so it is a convenient place to stop to pick up household items.  Next we head to Whole Foods.  When we finish at Whole Foods we have lunch at Panda Express. Hubby always gets 2 orders of Egg Plant Tofu and I usually get the Sweet Fire Chicken and some other entree that looks yummy.  This week I got sweet and sour pork.

Eggplant Tofu from Panda Express

Sweetfire Chicken, Sweet & Sour Pork from Panda Express

About once a month we wrap up our shopping trip in Boulder by stopping at Vitamin Cottage

Vitamin Cottage

to pick up a couple of items that neither Sunflower or Whole Foods carry.  For example the spaghetti noodles I blogged about a couple of weeks ago are no longer carried at Whole Foods in Boulder.

Once we get home an unload the car, Rufus likes to help us unpack the groceries.  Not surprisingly he is very good at finding the Lettuce!  I would prefer him not to be on the counter, but I’m out numbered. Sweet Pea is better trained an pretty much stays off the counter.


2 thoughts on “Where do we shop for groceries?

  1. This actually sounds like a fun outing. I’m so glad you two are so in tune with each other that you can do these things and have fun. Mel, it’s sounds like you have adjusted well to being a “veggie” wife. Hope you have a good week……Rachel

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