Birthday Dinner for Hubby

Today we celebrated Hubby’s Birthday.  I ask him what dessert he wanted and of course it wouldn’t be a cake, because he likes pies.  I was hoping for Key Lime because it is fairly easy to make, but alas he ask for Lemon Meringue.  For dinner he wanted Stuffed Green Peppers.  Good thing I took the day off, because both take a little time to create.

Here’s a picture of each.

Lemon Meringue Pie

Stuffed Green Peppers

Hubby loved both.  I’ll share the recipes later this week when I have a chance to type up all the instructions!  Here’s a picture of Hubby cutting his Birthday Pie!

Hubby cutting Birthday Pie

Hubby had issues putting the pie on the plate!

Dinner at Bonefish in Broomfield, CO

On Sunday night we went out to eat for Birthday Eve.  Hubby picked Bonefish.  The food was excellent as always and they served him a special Birthday surprise!

Birthday Surprise

Bonefish in Broomfield

Hubby had a great birthday even through he had to work and I had the day off.  It wasn’t all fun and cooking for me.  I worked on taxes as well, since it is that time of year!

Oh yeah, for his Birthday present he got a 2 quart pot with lid.  He was so excited!  Hey its what he wanted!


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