Free Meals for your Birthday-Vegetarian Friendly!

Hubby has enjoyed 2 free meals for his Birthday this year!  Free is always a good thing 🙂 A couple of years ago or so, we signed up for the Birthday Club at Red Robin and sure enough for your Birthday they send an email that is good for a free Gourmet Burger.  The offer is good for 7 days before and after your birthday.  I Believe this will be the 5th year for my Birthday and maybe the third for hubby’s.  So the Friday before his Birthday we went to our local Red Robin in Westminster and cashed in the email for his Salmon Burger!   Tonight hubby had a free meal at Benihana.  Benihana has an even better deal.  At the first of March they sent an email for a free meal up to $30. The offer is good for the entire month.

Benihana in Broomfield

Hubby and I headed over the Benihana tonight to enjoy his free meal.  He ordered the Salmon but was excited to see that there were two new vegetarian options that had been added to their menu.  One was Asparagus with Tofu and other veggies.  The other was a Tofu Steak. Not really my cup of tea but at least he will have something new to try when we go eat there for my Birthday next month 🙂

If you have never had the Salmon at Benihana or seen how it is cooked, it is an experience.  It is always fun to watch the others around the table try to figure out what it is.  For those of you old enough to remember Jiffy Pop Popcorn, it is pretty much cooked like the popcorn.  The salmon and some veggies are placed on tin foil then covered in plastic wrap.  As it cooks the plastic wrap expands.  Fortunately I had my trusty camera with me and took some photos to share with you.

Salmon first put on the grill

Salmon after about a minute

Salmon at 4-5 minutes

Salmon right before the chef bursts the plastic

Salmon served on the plate. Ready to eat!

If you haven’t been to Benihana the chef puts on quiet a show.

Onion Volcano

Including throwing knives, shrimp (and other food), and building volcanos with onions!  Our Chef tonight was very good.  The food was good and he handled having a table of adults very well.

For hubby’s birthday, he also received a special food treat and  the staff sang Happy Birthday in English and Japanese! Of course he ate most of my chocolate ice cream as well!

Birthday Treat

Birthday Treat

Birthday week is now officially over!

If you want to get in on the free meal at Benihana for your Birthday,  you can sign up for the Chef Table here.  To get a free Burger for your Birthday at Red Robin you can sign up for their eClub here.


2 thoughts on “Free Meals for your Birthday-Vegetarian Friendly!

    • You are right about my husband not being a true vegetarian, at least not now, but for over 20 years he did not eat meat and ate vegan as much as possible. He became vegetarian for his health, so when a doctor told him he should eat salmon to help with a health problem he had he begin adding it in his diet once a week. You are wrong about the superior part. Being vegetarian 25 years ago was very hard. Not many restaurants had anything to offer. My family and his tried to have food to make sure there was something he could eat. He never made a big deal out of it and always made the best of what was available. What we choose to eat is an individual choice that we all have to make for ourselves. I tried being vegetarian and it just did work for me. I felt terrible. Now I eat mostly paleo and buy very clean good quality meats. My goal here is to share what works for us. I know many families where at least on person has dietary issues and hopefully my posts can help those families.

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