St Patrick’s Day Celebration for a Vegetarian

Veggie Burger & Fries from SnowCap

On St Patrick’s Day we celebrated by going to Snowcap Creamery in Erie, CO.  We were going to eat at the sports bar next door, but it was packed with St Patrick Day celebrations.  My hubby was very happy to get a veggie burger from Snowcap.  He likes to add grilled onions to it. They have the best ones in Erie!  I always get just a regular burger and they are great as well.

I also made a cake for Bunco in our neighborhood.  The theme was St Patricks Day, so green food was a must.  This is a Key Lime Cake!

Key Lime Cake

I took a little of the batter and made a small one for hubby since he likes Key Lime Pie.

Small Key Lime Cake for Hubby

If anyone would like the recipe, just let me know.  I’m in New Orleans this week, so I didn’t bring it with me, but I can post it when I get back home on Thursday!


One thought on “St Patrick’s Day Celebration for a Vegetarian

  1. You make me hungry!!! It all looks so good. I love to play Bunco and at the other complex where I lived before buying out here we had a Bunco night and I really looked forward to it and miss it, now.

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