Which Wich for a Vegetarian!

Which Wich? in Westminister, CO

A few months ago a new place to eat opened in the shopping center (Orchard Town Center) near our home. The name is Which Wich? and they have all kinds of sandwiches.  Hubby and I tried it out not long after it opened and it has become one of our favorite lunch spots.  I learned from a co-worker that this chain recently opened a store in Raleigh, NC.  Which Wich specializes in sandwiches of all kinds.  When you walk in the door you will see a table with turnstiles and red sharpie pens.  The turnstiles hold brown paper bags which list all the sandwiches and ingredients.  First you choose what family of sandwich you want, for example, Italian, Vegetarian, Turkey, Ham & Pork, Beef, etc..  Select the bag that corresponds to that family of sandwich.  Then you fill out the bag with which wich you want, type of bread, type of cheese and then which works.  Write your name on the bottom and hand it to the cashier.

Hubby's Vegetarian Wich

My Wich Bag

Hubby has experimented until he found the combination of works that he likes! If you click on the bag image you can see the image larger.

All wichs are the same price.  At our Which Wich? the sandwiches are $5.49 each.  The thing I like most is they are warm straight from the oven 🙂 They also have their own photo chips, other chips, oven warm cookies and milkshakes.

The service is quick and the food is very good.  When your sandwich is ready they call you by name to pick it up.  They also have a loyalty card so you can get a free sandwich for every 10 you buy.

One tip…if you decorate the back of your bag you can see where your sandwich order is in the line while you wait.

Here in CO they will even give you a free sandwich if you take a picture of your bag at the top of a 14’er!


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