Hot Air Balloon Festival

I was so looking forward to the Erie Hot Air Balloon Festival this past weekend.  Unfortunately the Friday and Saturday Launch was canceled because of weather.  So on Sunday, I got up at 5:55am and ran to the window to see what the weather was like.  Sure enough we had clear almost cloudless skies!  So I woke up Veggie Hubby and we walked over to the golf clubhouse where the Hot Air Balloons are launched.  It was a beautiful morning!  We ended up running into all of our neighbors which made it even more fun to see all their kids watch the Launch.

Hot Air Balloons being inflated. Notice the snow on the mountains in the background!

This one was cool because it didn't have a basket, just a seat for a single rider!

If you watch the video you can see this one being set up from start to finish!

When Pigs Fly Balloon over the clubhouse!

Here is a video of the event.  You can see one of the Balloons being set up from start to finish!  If you ever have a chance to go to a Hot Air Balloon Fest, Go!  It is lots of fun!


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