Cream Biscuits and Raspberry Spread! Yum!

Darn Whole Foods and their Food Tasting stations!  Every week when we go grocery shopping at Whole Foods in Boulder they usually have several Food Tasting Stations.  And Usually we find something we really like, that wasn’t on our grocery list or in our budget!  Two shopping trips ago Veggie Hubby found me in Whole Foods and told me that I must go try these biscuits.  I think what he really wanted is for me to go get him another sample!  So being the good wife that I am, I went and got him another sample.  I did however try a small bite before I gave him the rest of the sample.

1/2 Cream Biscuit with Raspberry Spread, Yum!

Yummy! So on our last trip to Whole Foods we decided we should buy some.  We looked for the Cream Biscuits, but couldn’t find them, but we found the fellow who gave us the sample (on a side note he was passing out samples of chocolate chip cookies this time:)).  He told us the Cream Biscuits are located between the meat and the diary sections.

Once we located them, veggie hubby found us some raspberry spread to go with them.  So this week our after dinner snack has been 1/2 a biscuit with raspberry spread. The name Cream Biscuit comes from them being made with Cream Cheese.

Last Cream Biscuit and the raspberry spread!

Brings back memories of eating jelly biscuits at my grandparents!  Or course back then we had Pillsbury can biscuits with homemade apple or grape jelly 🙂

Veggie Hubby and I definitely give these our vote of approval!

Should I add Chocolate Chip Cookies to our Grocery List this week? 🙂


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