So how does your Garden Grow?

When we moved to CO 4 years ago our neighbor had a little garden the first summer.  Veggie Hubby decided we should have a garden the next year.  Of course he is a city boy from DC and had no idea how to plant a garden, so I being the good ol’ southern country girl got assigned the task.  I have learned here in CO that the growing season is short.  Even though I’m able to start stuff from seed, the best way to plant a garden here is to buy plants from the nursery that are already at a pretty good size.  We buy our plants from 2 places — Lafayette Florist in Lafayette and McGuckin Hardware in Boulder.  We only have a little space on the side of our house so room for just a few plants.  I’ve determined that 3 tomato plants is optimum with some lettuce & peppers and this year we planted onions.  I have a small spot on the other side of the yard where I plant zucchini!

2010 Garden – 3 tomatos, lettuce, peppers


We planted our Garden Mother’s Day weekend.  When we bought the plants at one place there was a warning sign that snow/frost was not officially over in CO until May 15.  And of course 3-4 days later we got 6 inches of snow or more.  Before the snow Veggie Hubby helped me cover the garden with tarps and a bucket 🙂

Garden Prepped for forecasted snow

What’s under the bucket? Zucchini plant, of course!

Rufus had to get his garden decoration ready as well.  Of course no yard or garden is complete without a cat ridding a bike!

Rufus helps with the Garden decoration!


One thought on “So how does your Garden Grow?

  1. How cute and useful. I have tomatoes growing and am sprouting squash, cucumber and okra. I have a huge lot, but so little space too for growing. I enjoy it though and love my veggies.

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