What do you do when you find a Baby Robin in your backyard?

Baby Robin in backyard.

Yesterday morning while watering some outside plans I noticed this little fellow at the bottom of one of our downspouts.  He looked pretty healthy and I figured he had fallen out of the nest under our deck.  I ask Veggie Hubby to come check him out.  We decide we should call Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and see what would could do to help the little guy.  Greenwood didn’t open until 9:00.  I had to head out to the Denver Zoo because I was volunteering there.  Hubby called Greenwood and they said it would be ok to pick up the bird and put him back in the nest.  I got the same advice from folks at the zoo.  They said it was a myth if you touched the bird that the parents would reject it.  Birds in general do not have a sense of smell (with the exception of vultures).  So hubby made an attempt to put the little guy back in the nest, but the parent Robins would not let him.  They started doing dive by’s and flying really close to his head.  So hubby let the little guy go into the grass.  Hubby checked on him throughout the day but was unable to find him later last night.  I’m happy to say when we got up this morning we spotted the little guy in the mulch by the fence.  We even saw Mom bring him a worm and feed him.

Baby Robin is down at the corner of the fence in the mulch

Mommy Robin, we think 🙂 She is the one that fed him.

Second Robin that is protecting the baby!

Robin Nests under our deck. The furtherst one to right had the babies.

I also made a couple of videos.  The first one is from yesterday and the second one is of the baby hoping around in the yard today.  This was before one of the Robins did a fly by my head after I finished taking pictures and video from what I thought was the safety of the deck.

  Day One

Day Two

We are keeping Rufus and Sweet Pea inside and hope the little guy is flying by the end of the week.  He has made several attempts, but just isn’t quiet strong enough yet.

At the zoo yesterday we also had several baby geese called goslins.  Here is a video of one of the families when I walked in the front gate of the zoo.


One thought on “What do you do when you find a Baby Robin in your backyard?

  1. What a story…I knew blue jays would storm you if you got into their space, but have never heard of a robin doing it. I had blue birds in my box this spring, probably the same family as last year. When I noticed I hadn’t seen the mom and dad coming in to feed them for a while I decided to take a look inside. What I found was so upsetting to me, all four of the babies had died. I can’t imagine what happened to them. I hope the mom and dad didn’t get killed or something. Oh, well, it’s all part of nature. I hope the little guy makes it long enough to fly away safely.

    Happy Memorial day tomorrow.

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