PF Chang’s is a great place for Vegetarians!

Veggie Hubby and I recently ate at PF Chang’s for lunch.  PF Chang’s has lots of entree options as well as appetizer options for a vegetarian.   At dinner we usually get Veggie Spring Rolls and Veggie Dumplings for appetizers. Yumm!  Veggie Hubby usually gets Buddha’s Feast.  I have tried many dishes and like all of them.  My favorite is the Won-ton Soup!  It is the best Won-ton Soup I have ever had!.

For lunch the other day Veggie Hubby wasn’t so hungry so we got Dumplings to share and he got a side order of Spicy Green Beans.  He loved them.  I had one of their lunch bowls – Crispy Honey Chicken, which was yummy as well.  The Hot & Sour Soup was equally as good.

Spicy Green Beans adn Veggie Dumplings in the background!

Lunch Bowl - Crisy Honey Chicken

So if you are looking for a good choice to take your favorite Vegetarian, we highly recommend PF Chang’s!  The best one in the country is in Las Vegas 🙂  We always make it a point to eat at PF Changs when we go to Vegas!  For the record I have eaten at PF Changs in San Diego, Las Vegas, San Jose, Denver, Atlanta, Raleigh, San Francisco and I’m sure a few other places that I just can’t remember right now!


5 thoughts on “PF Chang’s is a great place for Vegetarians!

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