How does a Vegetarian celebrate the first day of Summer?

With the first freshly picked tomato from the garden, of course!  Yes, as luck would have it we were able to pick the very first tomato from the garden yesterday.  According to my veggie hubby and my Mom the best tomatoes are those fresh from the garden.  I personally don’t like tomatoes, but do enjoy growing them, so this works out well for Veggie Hubby and me.  Last night for dinner I made him Grill Salmon and a fresh salad with lettuce and tomato from our little garden.

Salad with fresh lettuce & first tomato from garden!

Hubby also likes pecans and cranberries on his salad (sneaked a few raw cashews on as well). This tomato is Roma, but we have Beefeater and cherry tomato plants too!  As a meat eater I just like the name of the Beefeater, so I always have at least one of these plants in the garden 🙂

Here's the next tomato just waiting to be picked for tonight's salad!

If you missed my Simple Grilled Salmon video I will include it below.  Please note, veggie hubby is now eating wild salmon not farm raised.  I’m sure there is a really good reason for this, but you will have to ask him. Ok Veggie Hubby just came in my office so I asked the question.  The answer “because it is a lot healthier.”  So there you have it!


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