Vegetarian Hubby’s Favorite Fast Foods from his days at University of Maryland

Last weekend we (Veggie Hubby and Me)  headed to the east coast.  We surprised my Mom for her 70th Birthday, then headed up to DC/MD to see Veggie Hubby’s Mom.  I would not suggest making this drive from NC to MD and back on the July 4th weekend.  Traffic was a bear.  On the way back to NC we were in bumper to bumper traffic from Daly City through Richmond.  We avoided Springfield by taking a back way from Frederick.

We did have some fun eating at Veggie Hubby’s favorite restaurants from College (University of MD).  The first evening we ate at Ledo’s Pizza in Frederick.  Ledo’s is a chain in the MD/VA area.  Veggie Hubby doesn’t eat cheese but still likes their pizza.  He also likes the salad and I have to say that the bread sticks are pretty good as well.  I think what makes it really good is the sauce.  When we use to live in NC we would buy the sauce and pre-made uncooked pizza’s and take them back with us to NC.

Ledo's Pizza in Frederick, MD

Medium 1/2 no cheese with artichoke hearts, 1/2 with cheese ham

We also had the opportunity to eat at a Jerry’s Subs in VA when we took a break from the traffic.  Jerry’s is another chain restaurant in the MD/VA area.  I like the Philly Cheese steaks and Veggie Hubby likes of course their veggie sub minus the cheese and mushrooms.  They have really good fries which are more like potato wedges.  We enjoyed our food and then headed back out to I-95 to sit in traffic for the next 5 hours or so!

Jerry's Sub somewhere off of I-95 in VA

Veggie Sub - no cheese or mushrooms

Philly Cheese Steak

Fries (aka Potato Wedges)

Our flights back on the 4th were absolutely crazy.  We got to the Raleigh airport and our first flight to Houston was delayed and we wouldn’t make our connection to Denver, so Continental put us on US Air through Philly with a 5 hour layover.  Our flight from Philly to Denver was delayed getting into Philly because of thunderstorms in Florida.  So we left Philly 2 1/2 hours late. Of course when we got to Denver, Denver had thunderstorms so we were in a holding pattern probably somewhere over Wyoming for an hour.  We finally landed at 11:00pm and had to trudge to the shuttle lot in the down pouring rain.  Fortunately we were off on Monday so getting home at mid-night was not so bad.  Sitting in the Philly airport for hours was offset by being able to eat a nice lunch at Legal Seafood.  Legal Seafood is one of my favorite chain restaurants in the Northeast.  This was Veggie Hubby’s first time and he wasn’t so impressed.  He ordered the Vegetarian Box which is suppose to have Asian flavored stir-fried vegetables, Thai red curry coconut sauce, cashews, tofu and brown rice.  The sauce was very good, but Hubby was disappointed because there weren’t hardly any veggies, mostly rice and tofu.  My crab cake sandwich was wonderful!  Oh well, guess Vegetarian Wife and Veggie Hubby can’t always like the same restaurants!

Crab Cake Sandwich

Vegetarian Box


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