So is an 8 mile hike a good idea with a broken collar bone?

3 weeks ago Veggie Hubby broke his collar bone chasing the kids in the neighborhood.  It is a game Hubby and the kids have played all summer, but on this Saturday night hubby lost his balance and hit the street with his shoulder.  It was not pretty.  After a quick trip to Urgent Care and an x-ray it was confirmed that the collar bone was broken.  Hubby got a nice blue sling and some pain meds.  The next week a neighbor ask if we wanted to go hiking.  We love taking hiking trips with them.  Veggie Hubby decided he would be ok and we should go.  We got out his back pack and he tried it with one shoulder strap and the strap around the waist and decided it was a go.

So on August 21 we headed to Moffet Tunnel in CO and the 4 mile hike to Heart Lake.  This is located at the Continental Divide.  We had a great time and the only problems Veggie Hubby had was when we crossed water and he lost his balance a couple of times.  We were pretty exhausted when we got home, but I think you can see from the photos that it was well worth the trip!

Our favorite snack to take hiking is Kind bars.  We found these a few months ago at Sunflower and Whole Foods.  These are really yummy and good for you according to Veggie Hubby!  My favorite is the Almond and Coconut.  It tastes like an Almond Joy without the chocolate. My second favorite is Nut Delight. Veggie Hubby likes the Mango Macadamia.  His second favorite is Strawberry Nut Delight.

I would not recommend to do this with a broken collar bone, but its not like I can convince Veggie hubby otherwise 🙂

Notice the backpack technique for the broken collar bone

We found wild raspberries on the hike! Yummy!

Lots of flowers on this Hike

Lots of pretty Waterfalls on this Hike

Heart Lake – the water is crystal clear.


One thought on “So is an 8 mile hike a good idea with a broken collar bone?

  1. Glad that Veggie Husband is doing better but remind him….he is NOT a spring chicken anymore….I know because we are the same age…HAHA Love you Guys

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