One of my favorite Childhood Restaurants – Archdale Soda Shop – Lunch for less than $4

Archdale Soda Shop

Back in July Veggie Hubby and I had the chance to visit Maryland and some of his favorite college food places!  Since then I had a chance to go back to my home town, Trinity, NC and visit one of my favorite places…Archdale Soda Shop!  When I was a kid the Soda Shop special was 2 hot dogs, fries and a drink for $1 (note the drink for me is Pepsi, but you can get the famous southern sweet tea as well).  In High School I believe it was $1.50-$1.75.

Soda Shop Special - 2 Hot Dogs, Fries, & Drink

At the Archdale Soda shop they will come to your car and take your order and then bring your food to the car (curb service as it is called).  Since it was Summer in NC when my Mom and I  decided to go, we wend inside and ate in the Air Conditioning!  Of course I ordered the special which is now a bit more at $3.85.  The food was the same as I remember.  Yummy!  I love crinkle cut fries!  I actually am not a big fan of hot dogs but for some reason I really do like the hot dogs at the Soda Shop.  I like Ketchup and Chili on mine and my Mom likes hot dogs all the way with slaw and onions and other stuff!  Now this is not a place where Veggie Hubby would be happy.  There isn’t too much offered for the vegetarian!

Archdale Soda Shop - located on HWY 311 in Archdale, NC

Soda Shop Special sign! Notice Curb Service is offered!

Praying Mantis I found at my parents house!

Above is a cool picture of a Praying Mantis.  Doesn’t have much to do with the Soda Shop, but I saw it at my parents as we were leaving to go to the Soda Shop for lunch!


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