Great Restaurant that happily works with food allergies – Bonefish Grill

We have been very happy with Bonefish Grillin happily working with us with our food allergies. We have been 3 times over the last couple of months and have had 3 different servers, all of which have happily helped us find food that we could eat. Between my hubby and I we can not have garlic, soy, wheat, or ginger. Each of the servers have checked with the kitchen staff to see what sides we can have and have went out of their way to accommodate us.

Our Bonefish is located in Westminster, CO.

Veggie Hubby, who did start eating Salmon and some whitefish once in a while a couple of years back had Salmon (grilled, no seasoning), mixed veggies and steamed broccoli.

And I had the filet with no seasoning with herbed jasmine rice and asparagus. And I have to say it was yummy!

with my job I travel quiet a bit and I have eaten at Bonefish Grills all over the country and have always enjoyed excellent food and service!


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