Ting’s Place – Great Local Restaurant that has worked with us on our food allergies


Veggie hubby and I have loved Ting’s Place in Lafayette, CO for many years. http://www.tingsplace.com/  Their Chinese food is wonderful.  All of their sauces that I have tried are great!  When we decided to do this plan Veggie Hubby went into Ting’s and talked to the owner about his food sensitivities.  She said she would happily accomodate us if we would come on less busy nights (ie avoid Friday and Saturday), which was fine with us since we usually dined there on Sunday.

Veggie hubby always gets veggie delight with white sauce no garlic, carrots or mushrooms.  He isn’t suppose to eat garlic, soy or mushrooms.  He doesn’t like cooked carrots!  Image

I order several different dishes but my current favorite is Shrimp and Scallops with Garlic Sauce.  I order it with Gluten free soy and no garlic. I can’t have wheat or garlic.  Image

We enjoy these dishes with brown rice and green tea.  Very yummy and the service at Ting’s Place is fantastic!


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