Another great restaurant find in San Diego – Del Mar Rendezvous

While in San Diego last weekend, we looked for other restaurants that would help us stay on our plan.  We know Chinese Food is one of the best because most Chinese restaurants make dishes one at a time and can easily leave out ingredients.  Plus they almost always use fresh food!  I searched online and found Del Mar Rendezvous.  It had great reviews!

Del Mar Rendezvous

Del Mar Rendezvous

I made a reservation using  Unfortunately our class ran over and we didn’t make our reservation.  The nice folks at Del Mar Rendezvous called us to see if we were coming and I asked them if it would be ok if we got there in 15 minutes and they said sure we will hold your table.  And they did!

When we entered the restaurant they asked us if we had any dietary issues and after we answered “yes” they gave us a Vegetarian / Vegan Menu for Veggie Hubby and a Gluten-Free Menu along with the full menu.  The waiter was very knowledgeable about the ingredients of each dish and worked with us to find something we could eat.  The service was quick and the food was yummy!  I forgot to take pictures until I was finished but here is a picture of what was left of Veggie Hubby’s Buddha’s Treasure when I remembered to take a picture!  I had Shrimp Fried Rice (Gluten-Free)



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