Vegetarian Stuffed Green Peppers


In celebration of Veggie Hubby’s birthday, a repeat recipe!  In a past post almost 4 years ago to the day I posted the recipe for these Vegetarian Stuffed Green Peppers.  These are still one of Veggie hubby’s favorite.  I usually fix these for special occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas or Veggie Hubby’s Birthday when us meat eaters are having our special meals of turkey and/or ham.  The recipe makes enough that I save the extra by taking one cup of the filling and place it in a food save bag, then freeze.  It freezes well and then all I have to do is fix a green pepper and put the filling inside and cook.  I no longer put the corn in it as Veggie hubby doesn’t care for it any more.

This is a great recipe and is very convenient if you need to make something for a vegetarian that is visiting during the holidays or a special event.  You can make ahead of time and just pop it into the oven 25 minutes before you are ready to serve!  If the guest is not vegan, then be sure and add a little cheese to the top!

Happy Birthday Veggie Hubby!


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