OOKA in Broomfield, CO for a Vegetarian


OOKA in Broomfield, CO

On Veggie Hubby’s birthday we met a friend at OOKA in Broomfield, CO.  The food was good.  They offer a combination of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food. We enjoyed our lunch there on his birthday so we decided to go back for dinner.

We have a new favorite, Summer Rolls.  These are very light and yummy.

On Veggie Hubby’s Birthday we got several appetizers and entrees and shared them with our friend.

On our second visit, Veggie Hubby got the Yushan Eggplant and I got the Pad Se-Lew.  Both dishes were ok.

We will definitely go back.  We just haven’t found our favorite dish yet, except for the Summer Rolls.  So if anyone has any recommendations we would love to try other dishes.

Summer Rolls

Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce



Crab Meat Cheese Fried Wontons

Crab Meat Cheese Fried Wontons

Pad Se-Lew with Chicken

Pad Se-Lew with Chicken

Yushan Eggplant

Yushan Eggplant (vegetarian dish)

Birthday Ice Cream

Birthday Ice Cream

Pad Thai& Spicy Basil Shrimp

Pad Thai with Shrimp in the front & Spicy Basil Shrimp in the back

Buddha's Feast with Tofu

Buddha’s Feast with Tofu

Tropical Fried Rice

Tropical Fried Rice


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