Appetizers for a Picnic – Vegetarian Pinwheels

Vegetarian Pinwheels

Vegetarian Pinwheels

One of the biggest challenges I’ve had being married to a vegetarian is finding recipes to take to social events. So Appetizers for a picnic or potluck hasn’t always been easy.  A few years back I ran across this recipe for Veggie Wraps with Beans.  I have made modifications to this recipe based Veggie Hubbies preferences.  We often eat gluten free so we use rice tortilla.  Or sometimes we use Spelt Tortillas.  Also I have not made them with baked beans as the original recipe calls for.  We have always used refried beans either pinto or black beans. If you like you can use refried beans with additional flavor, just pick your favorite.

These have always been a big hit at any event I have taken them to.


  • 1 can of refried beans (pinto or black)
  • 2 large (10-inch diameter) tortillas
  • 2 cups cheese (optional)
  • 24 thin strips of red pepper & green pepper
  • salsa (for dipping)


Spread beans evenly over the tortilla.  I use the all purpose spreader from Pampered Chef.  If you want cheese sprinkle it over the beans.  Veggie Hubby doesn’t eat cheese so I leave it out.  Place half of the pepper strips on each tortilla.  Roll tortillas tightly.

Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least a couple of hours or even over night.  Slice about an inch off of each end and then slice into 15 pieces.  Serve with salsa for dipping.

Please share any modifications you make in the comments below.  I always love trying new things!




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