Chevy’s Fresh Mex for Vegetarians

Chevy's Seasonal Vegetable Fajitas

Chevy’s Vegetarian Fajita

Chevy’s Fresh Mex for Vegetarians

One of our favorite restaurants is Chevy’s Fresh Mex. Chevy’s menu is made up of Mexican and Tex Mex dishes. Unfortunately there aren’t any located in Colorado, but when we lived in San Diego we ate at Chevy’s 2–3 times a month. Now we only get to eat at one when we travel. We ate at one in Orlando back in November and we actually ate at one in Virginia on Christmas Day when were were driving from North Carolina to Maryland.

Veggie hubby loves the vegetarian fajitas. He does have them leave the mushrooms out as he is not fond of mushrooms. I like both the steak and chicken fajitas, but probably favor the steak ones. We both love the corn tomalita and the black beans and refried beans are very flavorful. Veggie Hubby orders the black beans and I usually order the refried. My favorite thing of all are the fresh tortilla, which they make at the restaurant. Usually they make them right up front where you can watch. Wait I might have misspoke, I really like the chips, they are thin and light and yummy. And the salsa is pretty good too!

Chevy's Steak and Chicken Fajitas

Chevy’s Steak and Chicken Fajitas

Unfortunately all the Chevy’s in southern CA have gone out of business now, so when we travel back to San Diego we can no longer enjoy a meal at Chevy’s.

Do you have a favorite Mexican or Tex Mex chain? Please share in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Chevy’s Fresh Mex for Vegetarians

  1. I have a great Fajita recipe that we have been perfecting over the last 10 years. We have been trying to match the Fajita’s from our favorite restaurant in San Diego. Will share sometime in a future post.

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