Gluten Free Baked Goods or Snack Mixes

Glutino Brownies

Glutino Brownies with Chocolove Chocolate Chips

All but two of the gluten free goodies I made for Christmas were homemade.  The two that were not from scratch, sugar cookies and brownies were both from the brand Glutino.  These mixes were both very easy to make and turned out to be very delicious.

For the brownies I followed the directions and took their suggestion and added chocolate chips.  My favorite chocolate chips are from Chocolove, which I’ve posted on this blog before in other recipes. Veggie Hubby really liked the brownies.  In fact he picked all of them out of the cookie boxes I made but didn’t give away.

For the sugar cookies I also followed the directions. I made half of them plain and the other half I rolled the balls in cinnamon sugar.  Veggie Hubby liked the cinnamon sugar ones the best, so next time I will be making all of the cookies by rolling the balls in cinnamon sugar.

Glutino Sugar Cookies

Glutino Sugar Cookies half plain; half rolled in cinnamon sugar before being baked

I’ve tried many mixes over the last two years and the two I like the best are Glutino and Lillibee.  I buy both at Whole Foods.  I like the Lillabee brownies, but we liked the Glutino ones better.  Lillabee has a very good mix for muffins!

Have you tried either of these mixes?  Do you have any gluten free mixes you like?  Which ones?  Please list in the comments below.  I’m always looking for good snacks to make at home.

Glutino Brownies

Glutino Brownies

Glutino Sugar Cookies

Glutino Sugar Cookies


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