What food should I make for the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 2015

Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots

With the Super Bowl next Sunday, you are probably asking yourself the question “What food should I make for my Super Bowl Party?”  And if you have people coming over you probably have some that are vegetarian or gluten free or just plain picky (I fall in that category :)).  So I thought I would create a list of the recipes I have already shared on my blog that may come in handy for the big game.

First off no Super Bowl is complete without some really good chili, especially if you are in a cold climate like we are.  So here are my recipes for chili.  One is vegetarian and one is full of beef. Both are delicious and easy to make and of course gluten free. Make the day before and the flavor will be awesome!

Of course you need some finger food heres some good choices to make everyone happy.  And for the salad if you put in fake bacon the meat eaters won’t even know.

Great vegetarian snacks.

And finally you need some sweets stuff to go with the chips.  Here’s some of my favorites.  No big surprise that most of them have chocolate as an ingredient!

Great sweet snacks for the party.

What are your favorite Super Bowl treats?  Please share in the comments below.


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