Vegetarian Stir Fry – Gluten Free Soy Free update

Vegetarian Stir Fry with Rice Noodles and Coconut Amino Acids

Vegetarian Stir Fry with Rice Noodles and Coconut Amino Acids

Chicken Stir Fry with Rice Noodles

Chicken Stir Fry with Rice Noodles

Last year I posted about the vegetarian stir fry we make at home. You can read the original post here with the ingredients.

We really love making these stir fry dishes. They are quick and yummy. And you can use whatever veggies you have on hand. Veggie Hubby can not have soy, so we use Coconut Amino Acids in his along with some Sesame Oil.  I can not have sesame oil and I like meat so I usually put chicken or shrimp in mine.  I also like more noodles 🙂

I would love to have addition suggestions for stir fry options.  Please share in the comments below.


My Veggie Hubby and I have started a new plan

For Vegetarian Hubby the plan is to help him with his chronic fatigue. For me it is to help me be healthier.

As part of this plan we have to eliminate certain foods we are allergic too for the next 3-6 months. I will share some of the really good recipes we have found (and will find) over the next 3-6 months.  Stay tuned!

So how does your Garden Grow?

When we moved to CO 4 years ago our neighbor had a little garden the first summer.  Veggie Hubby decided we should have a garden the next year.  Of course he is a city boy from DC and had no idea how to plant a garden, so I being the good ol’ southern country girl got assigned the task.  I have learned here in CO that the growing season is short.  Even though I’m able to start stuff from seed, the best way to plant a garden here is to buy plants from the nursery that are already at a pretty good size.  We buy our plants from 2 places — Lafayette Florist in Lafayette and McGuckin Hardware in Boulder.  We only have a little space on the side of our house so room for just a few plants.  I’ve determined that 3 tomato plants is optimum with some lettuce & peppers and this year we planted onions.  I have a small spot on the other side of the yard where I plant zucchini!

2010 Garden – 3 tomatos, lettuce, peppers


We planted our Garden Mother’s Day weekend.  When we bought the plants at one place there was a warning sign that snow/frost was not officially over in CO until May 15.  And of course 3-4 days later we got 6 inches of snow or more.  Before the snow Veggie Hubby helped me cover the garden with tarps and a bucket 🙂

Garden Prepped for forecasted snow

What’s under the bucket? Zucchini plant, of course!

Rufus had to get his garden decoration ready as well.  Of course no yard or garden is complete without a cat ridding a bike!

Rufus helps with the Garden decoration!

St Patrick’s Day Celebration for a Vegetarian

Veggie Burger & Fries from SnowCap

On St Patrick’s Day we celebrated by going to Snowcap Creamery in Erie, CO.  We were going to eat at the sports bar next door, but it was packed with St Patrick Day celebrations.  My hubby was very happy to get a veggie burger from Snowcap.  He likes to add grilled onions to it. They have the best ones in Erie!  I always get just a regular burger and they are great as well.

I also made a cake for Bunco in our neighborhood.  The theme was St Patricks Day, so green food was a must.  This is a Key Lime Cake!

Key Lime Cake

I took a little of the batter and made a small one for hubby since he likes Key Lime Pie.

Small Key Lime Cake for Hubby

If anyone would like the recipe, just let me know.  I’m in New Orleans this week, so I didn’t bring it with me, but I can post it when I get back home on Thursday!

Birthday Dinner for Hubby

Today we celebrated Hubby’s Birthday.  I ask him what dessert he wanted and of course it wouldn’t be a cake, because he likes pies.  I was hoping for Key Lime because it is fairly easy to make, but alas he ask for Lemon Meringue.  For dinner he wanted Stuffed Green Peppers.  Good thing I took the day off, because both take a little time to create.

Here’s a picture of each.

Lemon Meringue Pie

Stuffed Green Peppers

Hubby loved both.  I’ll share the recipes later this week when I have a chance to type up all the instructions!  Here’s a picture of Hubby cutting his Birthday Pie!

Hubby cutting Birthday Pie

Hubby had issues putting the pie on the plate!

Dinner at Bonefish in Broomfield, CO

On Sunday night we went out to eat for Birthday Eve.  Hubby picked Bonefish.  The food was excellent as always and they served him a special Birthday surprise!

Birthday Surprise

Bonefish in Broomfield

Hubby had a great birthday even through he had to work and I had the day off.  It wasn’t all fun and cooking for me.  I worked on taxes as well, since it is that time of year!

Oh yeah, for his Birthday present he got a 2 quart pot with lid.  He was so excited!  Hey its what he wanted!

Where do we shop for groceries?

Every weekend we head over to Boulder to buy groceries.  It is only about 10 miles from our house so it a fairly short drive.  This weekend it has snowed off and on since Thursday night, so there were a few slick spots along the way.

Jamba Juice in Boulder

First in order to buy groceries we have to stop at Jamba Juice and get a smoothie.  I’m not really sure why but we do it every week, so it is a must.  Veggie husband likes to order a Protein Berry Workout with soy and no ice.  He is nice enough to have part of it put in a small cup for me!  Once we get our smoothie we head to Sunflower.


This is a fairly new natural grocery store in Colorado.  I believe the previous owners of Wild Oats started this chain when they Whole Foods bought out Wild Oats.  We started shopping at Sunflower because the organic veggies they carry are often much cheaper than Whole Foods.  Sunflower does not have all the items as Whole Foods.

Whole Foods

Once we get what we need at Sunflower we head to Target.  We usually don’t buy too many groceries there, but it is between Sunflower and Whole Foods, so it is a convenient place to stop to pick up household items.  Next we head to Whole Foods.  When we finish at Whole Foods we have lunch at Panda Express. Hubby always gets 2 orders of Egg Plant Tofu and I usually get the Sweet Fire Chicken and some other entree that looks yummy.  This week I got sweet and sour pork.

Eggplant Tofu from Panda Express

Sweetfire Chicken, Sweet & Sour Pork from Panda Express

About once a month we wrap up our shopping trip in Boulder by stopping at Vitamin Cottage

Vitamin Cottage

to pick up a couple of items that neither Sunflower or Whole Foods carry.  For example the spaghetti noodles I blogged about a couple of weeks ago are no longer carried at Whole Foods in Boulder.

Once we get home an unload the car, Rufus likes to help us unpack the groceries.  Not surprisingly he is very good at finding the Lettuce!  I would prefer him not to be on the counter, but I’m out numbered. Sweet Pea is better trained an pretty much stays off the counter.

So What do you buy a Vegetarian for Valentines Day?

A 3 qt stainless steel pot with steamer insert of course.  What a silly question.  Yes indeed my hubby wanted this, so after watching ebay for the last few months I was finally able to find the pot he wanted for about a 1/3 of the cost.  What we do for love!

Hubby with his new Valentines Pot!

3 qt pot with steamer insert

Close up of the 3 qt pot with Steamer Insert

Now we only need to figure out how to steam broccoli in the pot!  Let the experiments begin.

I, however got a very romantic gift for Valentines Day, a ATG 700 tape gun!  Now before you think this isn’t very romantic, you have to know that I like to make crafts and this is a very special gun for applying adhesive, so I’m very happy and feel very loved.  We also had fun time yesterday not only celebrating Valentines Day but also celebrating Chinese New Years and the Year of the Tiger.  We went down to the Denver Zoo’s Chinese New Years Celebration.

Vegetarian Wife with her Tiger hat Celebrating Chinese New Years!

We had a nice time walking around the zoo seeing all the animals and I got to wear my Tiger hat to celebrate.  After the zoo we went out to eat to our favorite Chinese Restaurant Tings in Lafayette, CO.


Shrimp LoMein & Vegetable Delight (hold the carrots and mushrooms)

All and all we had a great Valentines Day and a great day Celebrating Chinese New Years.

Rufus celebrates Valentine's Day his way!

Rufus celebrates Valentine's Day his way!

We didn’t leave out Rufus either.  Of course you can’t because he is always in the middle of everything.  Here is a picture of Rufus helping us unwrap our Valentine’s Day gifts!