Chevy’s Fresh Mex for Vegetarians

Chevy's Seasonal Vegetable Fajitas

Chevy’s Vegetarian Fajita

Chevy’s Fresh Mex for Vegetarians

One of our favorite restaurants is Chevy’s Fresh Mex. Chevy’s menu is made up of Mexican and Tex Mex dishes. Unfortunately there aren’t any located in Colorado, but when we lived in San Diego we ate at Chevy’s 2–3 times a month. Now we only get to eat at one when we travel. We ate at one in Orlando back in November and we actually ate at one in Virginia on Christmas Day when were were driving from North Carolina to Maryland.

Veggie hubby loves the vegetarian fajitas. He does have them leave the mushrooms out as he is not fond of mushrooms. I like both the steak and chicken fajitas, but probably favor the steak ones. We both love the corn tomalita and the black beans and refried beans are very flavorful. Veggie Hubby orders the black beans and I usually order the refried. My favorite thing of all are the fresh tortilla, which they make at the restaurant. Usually they make them right up front where you can watch. Wait I might have misspoke, I really like the chips, they are thin and light and yummy. And the salsa is pretty good too!

Chevy's Steak and Chicken Fajitas

Chevy’s Steak and Chicken Fajitas

Unfortunately all the Chevy’s in southern CA have gone out of business now, so when we travel back to San Diego we can no longer enjoy a meal at Chevy’s.

Do you have a favorite Mexican or Tex Mex chain? Please share in the comments below.

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Our favorite start to a hiking day – BelVita Breakfast Biscuits

BelVita Breakfast Biscuits

BelVita Breakfast Biscuits

We have started almost every hike this summer with these yummy BelVita Breakfast Biscuits. These are like cookies and are very flavorful and filling.  Our favorite flavor is the Cinnamon Brown Sugar ones.  Hands down these are the best.  Veggie Hubby likes the Blueberry ones and I like the Apple ones.  The Golden Oat ones are pretty good too.

We originally tried them after the BolderBoulder 10K a couple of years ago.  They were in our snack pack at the end of the race.

We usually share a pack as there are 4 breakfast biscuits (or cookies) in each pack.

These are not gluten free.

You can find these at Target, Walmart and Amazon.

Have you tried these?  Do you like them?  What’s your favorite flavor?

Do you have a recommendation for a good on the go Breakfast snack?

Another Yummy Product by Honey Stingers – Organic Energy Chews

Honey Stingers Organic Energy Chews

Honey Stingers Organic Energy Chews

The Honey Stinger Waffles are definitely our favorite product by Honey Stinger, but a close second is the Organic Energy Chews.  Our favorite flavor is the Fruit Punch, but we also like Pink Lemonade and Orange.

These are a great pick me up in the last 1/2 of the hike.  They taste like gummy bears but are a bit larger and circular in shape.  Veggie Hubby likes these, but probably not as much as I do. I think they are very Yummy!

These are organic and contain Vitamin C as well.

You can find these at Whole Foods, Amazon and REI.

Have you tried these?  If so, what did you think?  What flavor do you like the best!

One of the special treats! Honey Stinger Waffles!

Stinger Waffles

Stinger Waffles

Veggie hubby and I love to have one of these Honey Stinger Waffles near the end of our hikes. These are especially yummy and a great treat! We like all the flavors but chocolate is by far the best. I didn’t have a strawberry one when I made the picture, but that would be our second favorite one.

These are a honey based energy food. They are not gluten-free, but are made with all natural organic ingredients.  We buy them at Whole Foods, but I have seen them at REI and you can get them from Amazon as well.  I always stock up at Whole Foods when they have them on sale!

Have you tried these or any of the other Honey Stinger products?  If so what is your favorite?  Please let me know in the comments below.  We are always looking for new healthy snacks to try!

Another favorite from Kind – Healthy Grain Bars

Kind Healthy Grain Bars

Kind Healthy Grain Bars

Love these Kind Healthy Grain Bars a lot! What a great treat.  These are Gluten Free and all natural Non GMO!  Made with 5 Super Grains Oats, Millet, Quinoa, Amaranth, and Buckwheat.  May not sound yummy but they are and I like the fact that I can actually pronounce all the ingredients.

Of course my favorite is the Dark Chocolate Chunk.  I like all the flavors but if I have a choice the chocolate one will win every time!  These have been a special treat on our hikes.  They are light in weight but very filling.  My second favorite is the Oats & Honey.  Veggie Hubby likes the Maple Pumpkin Seeds the best, but he doesn’t have any problem pilfering the Dark Chocolate Chunk from me on a hike.  He looks so pitiful.  How can I say “No”.

Like their sibling the Kind Bars I wrote about in my last post these are great for travel as well.  You can drop them in your bag and they don’t seem to change consistency in heat or if they get smashed.  They are more prone to be in crumbs than the Kind Bars, but are still very edible even if in crumbs.

You can find them at Whole Foods or Amazon.

Have you tried these?  If so what is your favorite flavor?

PS Less than a month until our hike in the Grand Canyon.  You can check out our Facebook page for pictures of our training.

An old favorite – Kind Bars

Kind Bars

Kind Bars

We discovered Kind Bars a couple of years back when we were looking for snacks with lower sugar. I also like them because they travel well (i.e. don’t melt or become crumbs!).  We like several flavors.  My all time favorite is Almond & Coconut.  Its like an Almond Joy without the chocolate.  I also like Blueberry Pecan and Apple Cinnamon & Pecan.

We recently discovered the Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt.  Its especially good because it has a lower sugar count.

Veggie Hubby likes Mango Macadamia, Blueberry Pecan and Apple Cinnamon & Pecan.  He doesn’t eat as many of these now because he isn’t suppose to have almonds and most of the flavors have almonds.

We will definitely have a few of these in our bag for our upcoming hike of the Grand Canyon.

Have you tried Kind Bars?  if so, what is your favorite flavor?

Favorite Gluten-Free Bar – BoBo’s Oat Bars

BoBo's Oat Bars

Gluten-Free Oat Bars

Veggie Hubby and I discovered this bars last year when we were on on our healthier life journey.  We really like them and not only take them on our hikes, but I take them with me when I travel and eat them for a quick and filling breakfast.  We found them originally at Whole Foods.  We have also seen them in REI.  They are made here in CO.

My favorite flavor is Maple Pecan and I also like Apple Pie and Chocolate Almond.  Veggie Hubby’s favorite is Peach and his second favorite is Maple Pecan and third Lemon Poppyseed.

These come in both gluten-free and not gluten-free.  The non gluten-free ones are a bit cheaper.  We have only tried the gluten-free ones. We have  also tried the  peanut butter and jelly gluten-free flavor and we don’t really care for it.

Below are some links to Amazon where you can order these, if you can’t find them locally.  Amazon doesn’t seem to carry all the flavors but does offer some in single qualities, 3-packs and 12-packs.

Give them a try and let me know what you think in the comments below.


Maple Pecan BoBo’s Oat Bars

Maple Pecan BoBo’s Oat Bars – 3-Pack

Maple Pecan BoBo’s Oat Bars – 12-Pack

Chocolate Almond BoBo’s Oat Bars – 3-Pack

Chocolate Almond BoBo’s Oat Bars – 12-Pack

Lemon Poppyseed BoBo’s Oat Bars – 3-Pack

Peach BoBo’s Oat Bars – 12-Pack