Rufus & Sweet Pea

Editorial committee for Vegetarian Wife Blog

Veggie Hubby says I should make a separate page for Rufus and Sweet Pea, so here it is.  We have had these two cats for almost 5 years.  We got them both as kittens from the Boulder Humane Society.  We got Sweet Pea in April of 2008 after we had to put Taz our previous female cat to sleep.  We got Rufus in July.  Sylvester our male cat and Taz’s brother disappeared a few weeks after Taz was gone.   I picked out Rufus from a picture on the Boulder Humane Website when we were in Ireland for work/vacation.  Sure enough when we got back they still had him and he became ours.  We thought we would actually rename both of them when we got them, but in the end we decided the names they had were very fitting.

On this page I will share their adventures.  Because everyday is definitely an adventure with them.  You can follow their adventures on FaceBook.

Rufus our ADHD little boy!

Sweet Pea the Queen of the house!


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